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Kraxe_Wien came into existence somewhere between Porto and Vienna with the idea of bringing to market a product, which could unite the different day-to-day realities of Northern and Central Europe with the ones from the South. All these diversity in climate, habits, mentalities, flavours and colours come to expression in an interesting mixtureof quality, creativity and functionality in our products.

S  K  E  T  C  H  E  S

In the German dialect of Austrian rural areas, the word “Kraxe” [ˈkʀaksə] is used as a synonym to Rückentrage, today called Rucksack, or backpack. In the past, a Kraxe was a wooden structure, which was carried on the back and was used for the transportation of food or other items. Over the years, the so-called “Kraxe” evolved to the most practical and comfortable means to carry the personal belongings: the backpack.

L  O  G  O

S  L  O  G  A  N

P  R  O  D  U  C  T  S

F  O  L  D  E  R

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